Thursday, April 29, 2010

Where was I!

You want some crazy talk?

I'm not sure I posted this, already. It's worth a repost.

The best things in life, Can't be understood.
The second Best things, Can be thought about, but not explained.
Last, there are the things we talk about.

This is in that list..... Somewhere.

I like to track.... Global MEME's, I like to know and monitor, what "They" are thinking about. I find it interesting. It's similar to what Carl Jung talked about "Global Unconscious". I'm not a believer, I'm not a ..... No Mysticism.... NO Magic!!!

I admit, there are things that science hasn't figured out yet, but to conceder and accept something, based on no evidence, is fraught with confirmation bias... etc... The Greeks covered it well, lack of evidence to the contrary, is not evidence of something's existence.

But Moods Affect, each other.... Right... That is part of "The Mop Game".... I intend to infect you with my, Enthusiasm.... Infect you with my Positive Mojo! And I hope that you can spread it on, to the people around you.

Like I say, "I have your back, Let's GO!!!"

On monday, I was talking to one of my economics friends, about it. "Everyone is VERY MANIC. The world is on Fire right now. The question is, 'Do they have the endurance, to keep it going, Now that they; "have it up, Can they Keep it up".

I know I can, But the real question is.... Can "They".... They never have before....

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