Wednesday, April 14, 2010

beautiful day

I wanted to just do a quick ride today... I doubled it, then doubled it again.

It was nice...

that is all I have.

Good day on my end. I want to do Millcreek tomorrow... it's one hell of a ride just to get there, from west jordan.

I was thinking today that I should just keep it simple, and just put out more, regardless of consequences...

I'm not psyched about it... I was just thinking about it. I also seem to be voting against it. I was also thinking about Calling another woman, and going out this weekend, but you know how that works, I'll do that, and "The 'Days of our Lives' woman" will call up, want to know what I'm doing.

Sure enough.. I get a phone call tonight, and it's a woman I know.

Get this...

her, "do you want to go to my son's Soccer game on saturday"

me, "So that I can seen, with you, by your ex-husband."(I mean, we know i'm a super hero.) Also her Ex is a DickHead.

her, "oh..."

Me, (got her on that one)" But did you want to do something else."

Her, "Ya, lets go for a hike... but I don't want to go to the mountains, so lets go check out the parkway, But not Saturday... Sunday."

Me, " Alright! " 20 minutes later... I realize, we are taking a romantic Sunday walk, on the jordan river parkway, no less. Second.... This sounds like we are "Having a Talk".

Isn't this how woman work, you start out, there is a nice thing going, Next thing you know you are fighting about...

The best one is from, the jennifer aniston-vince Vaughn movie

"Why would I wan't to do the dishes"
"I want you to' Want' to do the dishes."

Ok... seriously.... I want to do the dishes...

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