Thursday, April 15, 2010

MillCreek Or bust

Made MillCreek, didn't get dropped, by Man or Skirt...

I heard a great Bowie song, while I was out..... Like you care.

It's about 7 Miles to the bottom of the valley, another 7 up to the mouth of Millcreek. I tend to stay on very Residential Roads. So I end up going up 45th south...
Which is brutal BTW... I crest it and i'm on Wasatch... at 90%... with drenched Glasses, usually encrusted with salt.

it's not clear past the parking lot... Which is good, gives me a reason to go back.

Honestly... I'm cooked...

I was thinking, the T-Bird should start a band... then he could tour with it Too. Either that or he could find people who can play and be part of the band, at the events..... Just a thought... I mean... he is doing everything... he could add this Right?

I may have to reach out to my contacts and find out if you can give Funeral Potatoes, to people who just had a baby. #ironyItsfunny

Oh! sidenote… former mormon friend made this thing that was chocolate Cake, fudge Frosting…

and somehow you Drenched the whole thing in caramel.

Then the paramedics showed up with the Insulin… and you ate another piece

It was a mormon Variation, she called it the Fudge Orgasm surprise, the mormons had a different name, but her addition was the Drenched in caramel.

In fact... I think this is it, I think

If someone asks what your favorite cake is.... ya... shut up... this is it!!

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