Wednesday, April 28, 2010


Turbo, busted me....

we are working on "More Blogging" and I'm trying to do less.

I was verging on "Dribble" or" Blogger Drool"... There is a point, where you are more "noise" than "Signal". To use a statistics term.

Burke is off on the Gila!!! I hope he got the Good Mojo This morning...
I want to see him focused, and in the flow... I'd like to see him that way, for the rest of the year... Personally, I think he can take over the cycling world.

Days of our Lives....
Don't doubt, that anyone... that I'm affectionate with, and I can include Everyone in this, without your homophobia going off. Anyone I'm affectionate with, is exceptional. Realize that, if you can't appreciate the way "The Mop" Celebrates all of you, for Being you.

Celebrating you, for trying to be All that you can be!.... If you can't appreciate that, you and I are on the Wrong Path and 'Never the Twain shall meet'.

Well, she came, yesterday.... Chips were down, and she dug into her bag... she dug in, and needed my mojo...

She, was waiting for me to "yell!" or tell her off. She was on D-Fence... I don't know why people put their guard up, with me. The problem is, I get in deep.... I can be like a Tick, I get right into the skin and soft parts.... and you just have to trust that i'm not a blood sucker.
Hopefully this does not imply "Trust me".... Never trust someone that says "Trust me".

Still, It's hard for me to explain... I'm not a negative influence, I don't care how Horrible you are, That is your place I guess, That is your path.

Yes, she had some Bile, Yes, she threw out some nasty shit. ... But I don't..... I'm not Fickle with my affection.
Of course, I'm not sure that she is the...... Love of my life, or something, one of my Motto's now is "we will see". I don't think she is "Outdoorsey" or Adventurous enough for me.... I'm not sure her Blood flows, or heart pumps hard enough.... and ... Once you establish some patterns with people... the patterns are hard to break.

One Love, Everyone!!!! One Love!!

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