Saturday, April 24, 2010

No matter where you go, There you are!

Where the hell was I...

Tired, Long day! Tomorrow, is garden day, I hope!

Good day on the bike....

Oh! So, for all my bullshit... I LOVE GETTING UP IN THE MORNING! I'm sure this is going to change.

I have been getting up, and seriously saying; "What a Great day!! I wonder what kind of adventure awaits me!!!!" and I go out, and have a hoot! I don't know what a hoot is, but I seem to be having one. Just fun, all damn day... and all evening.

I was talking to Julie, she was like "There are the Awake, The Asleep, And The Dead!"... have to love Julie. .

This brings to mind, my thought today, that I'm probably going to mouth off to the wrong person in the next few weeks, and the next think I'll know, I'll wake up in the ER.... and remember why I try not to go outside!

Some guy decided to pass today, I said "FUCK THAT! " out loud, and hopped on his wheel. He had power to weight on a climb, he held a bad Line... one of those guys with the TT kit. Weird... he totally talked to himself, as he rode....

I mean, my demons may chase me, out on the bike... But I don't talk to them.... Damn!!! I think I'm crazy.... shit!!! I knew, he would probably lose me on the climb, before we hit it, I talked to him.

"Hey, Thanks for the Pull."


"I figure on the upcoming climb, I won't see you again, and wanted to say thanks".

"Oh! always good to see a Pal, out on the bike"

(in my head, I'm like, ok...I guess we are buds now)

ok.. he only beat me by 100 yards. and I could have gotten him on the flat, but I was going up the canyon, and he was not.

Just for reference, he wasn't eating, nor was he drinking... OOPS!!! just goes to show, how little things like that, can give you a significant edge.


Sandy Perrins said...

Next you're gonna tell us that you were riding up Emigration Canyon: the land of the friendliest folks on bikes in the world!

The Mop said...

Damn you! What are you shooting for... Week 2 on the Funny list!!!

Ok, seriously if that happens, or I talk about how great everyone on wasatch is... send the guys in the white coats.... I'll be ready for heavy medication!