Sunday, April 04, 2010

Return of the White lotus.

Seems like, my shit is getting back together.

I warn you, I'm listening to Sting.

I don't even know, what I wrote last night. I know, I ended up discombobulated, which is what I'm now coming down from. In my adventures, I drank half a bottle of wine. I only drink Quarterly, if that, during the year.

I'm not up to reading, whatever it was. As 'Bad Santa' said, "They can't all be winners, now can they. Referring to my posts. We have had some good ones this week. So, a sort of melt down, isn't all that bad. It's been a Hectic spring, and it seems like there is more fight in this old heart, so a little..... discord is ok.

I keep thinking about taking a writing class, I need some bitchy teacher to throw a ton of red ink on things I write.... Give me the proper discipline I so badly need, with my writing. That kind of sounded dirty didn't it?

No word from the "Great Red Dragon, of my Demons.", I realized it seems like she is in for it, as I woke up this morning, I realized I didn't exactly have anything good to say to her.

I need more adventures.... No cops, but... More... Life... more love.... More energy!...
Bruce Wayne's Bat Cave here, doesn't seem to be able to hold me, these days.

I'm not sure i want to share the details of last night's date. On the bike,today, I sort of realized it was the "Rebound" thing.

I seem to be over the "Other thing", Of course there will be continued developments. The problem I have, is that I tend to be out the door, faster than most people. "Ok! we broke up? Sounds great! Don't let the door hit you in the ass, on the way out!"

and that is it.... beyond that, there is the groveling they don't want to do.

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