Thursday, April 08, 2010

Back to Neutral....And Pillow Fights

These are the days of our lives... Episode 23

Well, Escalation of the game, seems to have "Sort of Worked" for the time Being. I guess it's just a game of "Stick and Move"..... I have no idea what that means.

I took off today, and seem to have started Training block 3, I guess training Block 3 starts where 2 ended. Only I did it on 2/3 a pot of coffee, and a yogurt... and I brought no bike food. I was going to eat a waffle, but it didn't happen. Then for some reason... I just had to get out... Again... I wanted "Some kind of adventure...." So I took a 3 hour walk. I was going to ... I don't know what I was going to do. I was toying with Eating Sushi, then I was toying with Beer and wings. Only, when that first drop of beer and those wings hit my tongue.... I think I will be a downhill game, or I'll give up... or I'll stop fighting.... I just know the game will change... and I may not be able to hold on.

Then there was the idea of Sushi... only the problem with sushi... I just... It seemed lame sushi in West Jordan is... Well, it's like a freak show... but a quiet one.

Eating Sushi Vs. Beer and wings..... Well, that is more like a Pillow Fight Vs. a Real Adventure

Either that or.... maybe i'm still Cautious about ... I'm tired... and I'm working on it...

and all we are talking about is some sushi.

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