Monday, April 05, 2010

30 days of riding

I guess I decided to to a 2 a day. @soozed complained about not doing her 30 days of riding. I figured the 2-a-day and some proxy Riding was in order. I also thought, I may as well do 30 days of riding, this month, it's only 4-6 more days of riding this month than I was already planning.... And I love a good, internet MEME.

Just a Primmer on Rollers; This is how to set up your bike for rollers. Place it in a doorframe, so that your elbows can be used to keep you upright, as you start. After some months on the rollers you won't need it. Also, having fewer objects to fall on, when you lose concentration, is a good thing too, so Mind the place where you are going to fall.

The other trick is to GO FAST!!! sounds crazy, but until the rear wheel is spinning at 15-20mph, it will have a hard time generating the centripetal force to keep you upright. Word is... Riding Rollers is like a Hippo on a TightRope.
This all means... RIDE A BIG GEAR!!! it sounds strange but.... GO fast!
Hopefully you have the rollers set up properly for the bike. The instructions should have shown you how.

just to show my poor fitness in 20 minutes of riding I pushed myself to LT 5 times. Oh... and put a rag over your headset.. because all that salty sweat... bad for the bike. and you will need it, to keep the sweat from covering everything. I can't keep the bike upright unless I'm doing at least 16mph.

Rollers teach;
  • a complete pedal stroke, since it helps to keep you upright.
  • It's also like working with a power Tap, since constant power is required.
  • It teaches Focus, since if you don't keep your mind on what you are doing, you will end up in a heap of bike, roller, floor, and sometimes door/doorframe
  • Bike Handling-After a few weeks of rollers, Holding a Line, is no problem.

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