Monday, April 26, 2010

Post 400 in 3 days

FYI.... Sandy, has been blogging and trying to blog, sort of every day...

Let me tell you, what helps a blogger..... Readers.

He may be a little hit and miss(by hit and miss, I just mean in regular posting), but if ... People give him some support by reading.... he may post more.

Double edged sword... If he would post more... maybe he would get more readers... Which came first... Chicken... Egg...

Well, we could get some wicked crazy doctor stories:

"Sir... I'll pull the nail out of your Scrotum, in a moment.... But I need to take a quick picture, so I can put it on my Blog!"

Or at least he could, Fake a post or 2. Collude with some of the Nurses, when it is slow... "What kind of blog post, can we fake tonight!"

Of course... maybe there is an Anti-Blogging policy.

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