Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Cooked, These are the Days Of Our Lives.

I was thinking today, that I needed to kick it up a notch.

Oh! Still No Word from, 'The great Red Dragon'(The one from a 15 years ago.). The Woman that, for some reason, I may be projecting a Persona on, this new woman (old projection on a new woman).

Honestly, if the old "SHE" felt the "Vibes" I was throwing out, It was best for her to run. I hope I at least made 'her shit, a little loose for a few days'. and isn't that just a very negative thought.
The other Charming woman...This new one.... There is just weird... I'm not sure, I'm playing the game on the right level. Except, I'm on this other thing about "Clear Intent". Which is a game of 'no game'. Of Course, with that, is an assumption that she can play 'that way'.
Right... So it's either escalation of the game, or go back to clear intent. It's the two opposite ends of the universe, Or dark Matter Vs. Physical.

There is this other..

Hamster rolling around in my brain...

It's not the failure..... It's the lost Opportunity... Failure is not a problem... It's the fear that I'm not Making use of an opportunity.

And that the problem is, I'm trying to make "Frightened little bunny" , take a chance.(BTW.. I don't know if this is an Over share... BUT I DON"T KNOW IF THAT IS ME OR HER, I'M TALKING ABOUT!)

You will always miss 100% of the shots you don't take..... that is the axiom.... btw... it's thoughts like this that get woman stalked..... but of course, there are the woman who like a good stalker.

In which case the trick is to, build some neutral ground.... or something


Or not.... Try and figure out, if I should just nut up and ride.... Or something....

have to take a shower and see if my nuts are still attached.... JESUS.... YOU SEE THE ... See If I have Real Balls, and will leave this post up....

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