Friday, April 09, 2010


I'm..... trying to recovery from yesterday....

My body wants me to Carb Load Like mad...

I never realized that the trouble, with diets, is keeping a "Binge" away. Eating just enough carbs to satiate me. Just enough.... or a little more than enough to satiate... But not, go to the bakery and get a load of "Day Olds" and Binge....

I feel an early ride this morning,

Piper Virginia Barrett, welcome to the world! 10 fingers, 10 toes. 20″ and 7lbs and 6ounces. Mom and baby are doing well. Dad is beat!!

big question of the day.... Good Mojo, and my love to the Barretts

(See Ryan, I did a great job on the post... 2 Rs and 2 Ts, I managed it, and didn't have to double check)

K... just going to put some nice miles in the legs...

My name for Ryan.... is "Not My Coach!"..... I have no idea why I think it's funny.

I guess it's because, if he was my coach, he would be in a slight way responsible for my poor performance and fitness. And I'd have to pay him for asking all my dumb questions.

Me "I can't manage to ride in weather under 45 degrees"

Him "Wear a heavier jacket."

Me, "Oh! good idea"

(Ok, to be honest, he said 'go big on top', and followed it up by saying: Keep your core warm, and it will take care of the rest of your limbs, Which is very true.)

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Anonymous said...

Being that I am not supposed to know your real name, I can hardly blame you for misspelling mine.
Thanks for the kind words!