Monday, April 02, 2007

Here Comes Swifty!!!

Yep, the 3am posts continue. I'd feel better about them if I was getting 6 hours of sleep before I get up, and not 3 or 4....

Ok, the bad news...
  • Lost a skewer spring under the deck(where I work on my bike). Every time I do this (yes, I lose springs and bolts and nuts, all manner of gear seems to go under my deck, which escalates into a mad dis assembly of it, plank by plank, I always say... Damn I have to stop working on my bike here. Or put something down to stop the lose parts from falling into the cracks. But as my dopie father says "those who don't learn from the past by becoming tormented and paralyzed by the Torpor of "could'a Woul'a Should'a", Are doomed to repeat it."(hmmm, I think my dad doesn't say this. Me bet is it's a play on a sort of conundrum, catch-22, we all, or at least I live in.). This time though I think I'll just go get a new spring, instead of pulling the deck apart and digging through the dirt. So, hopefully I've learned.
  • My Laptop needs a good rebuild... Bla...Bla...Bla order some fans, do some other stuff.
  • I'm so sick of the self aggrandising of the film/TV industry. I was watching "Planet Earth", I'm a huge fan of documentaries, So.....Why the Fuck do I have to put up with time talking about "How we got the Pictures." or "How we did the Effects.". You See, I don't give a shit. I want to learn some new things about the Nature of our world, "the how and why of the Lizards of Afghanistan." Not the How and why of taking pictures of the lizards of Afghanistan. You see, In my industry no one cares how I got the computers to work. They just care that they now do what they were supposed to.
  • My coffee pot is fucked up. I did a thorough cleaning. I think I got some moldy beans, and they skankafied my pot. So, I did a full on cleaning, and some of the circuitry seems wet. Till it dries out, I guess I'm here suffering. and maybe I'm in the market for a new one.

I was thinking about this today, this is one of my generic philosophies:

if you flip a coin, your going to be right half the time. Using the slightest amount of brain power you should be able to be correct 60% of the time. The Crazy thing for most people is, What the fuck, how can you be wrong all the time..... I can't imagine the amount of delusion and stupidity. To be wrong 70-80% of the time... It's almost a testament to Darwin being Wrong.... how can people do it....

Don't trade Flow!!!!!!

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A-Train said...

funny stuff, I see people all day that are wrong wrong wrong. the trend is your friend. how hard is it to tell a rising market from a falling one. works well for me though, because with futures/options for me to win someone has to lose. gotta love a zero sum game.