Wednesday, April 04, 2007

bike coffee ...

I'm sure you were all hanging on the tragedy of my coffeepot and bike fix.... Just wanted to let ya'll know that first, I found the skewer spring without going to the bike shop, or dismantling my deck. Also, the coffee pot came back online yesterday about noon. I think I'm still clearing out some of the skank from the lines but it seems to be coming along, and I've consumed a full pot of coffee before 7am :) I rock!!!!!!


Ok, I should stretch before Swifty shows up...

one of these days, pictures.

Obama.... WTF comes out and shows the dem. Hole card. Asshole what good is a bluff if they know it's coming.

When the hell did Dubya learn about ethanol..... and like I said, easy for him to say in lame duck of his term. For years we are going to hear about how his presidency was about conservation...."I was totally for conservation, I pushed ethonal, and alternative fuel cars in my term as president." forgetting how he invaded a country to secure oil for Haliburton and Exxon... And the bonus of Military contracts for KBR and Blackwater... Both being such blacksheeps even Halliburon is trying to distance themselves from them.


woody said...

Mop glad you are back. sorry my detective skills we lacking so much that it took me till now to find your blog.

It looks like you may gain weight camping if you are planing to eat that well out there.
plan more 300 mile weeks for after camping or something. most importantly have fun. thanks for the care package. It showed up right befor I went down to the VOS to get crushed. not even a top twenty all that work for nothing. at least I had some good salsa and sweats to help me feel better.

The Mop said...
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The Mop said...

Sweet, I had intended to email youl.