Monday, April 23, 2007

Midnight Turkey Sandwich

I'm Trying to make a silk Purse out of a Sow's ear right now... My old impulse on the blog was to write as much positive stuff as I could.

Great to see Louder make that 30 minute break.

Mr. Booth, became caught up in what I like to call "You get to Freely speak on your own blog, not mine."... Point being I had total empathy for that entire episode, especially when he decided to delete The Posts.

Art has been filled with a hate that almost rivals my own, over the past weeks. I was almost tempted to bring over a few "Songbirds" over for his Earth day BBQ. Funny this whole earth day, every time I see some crap about the world coming to an end.....(Oh, and BTW cutting carbon by 2080 or what ever it was. Is a joke... Assuming we have enough coal and oil to last till 2080, we will be dead by 2030.) Fortunately we will either run out or we will have "Pearl Harbor for the Carbon cycle.".... Point Being, Fuck this planet... Wait I was trying to be positive, so in that vein. I'll leave the environmental concerns to those who care, from what I see. The fucked up environment will kill all the right people.

I've been bad about watching Cycling Results this spring. So, I was thrilled to hear the announcers mention Burke's name during the TourDeGeorga. It's funny when your looking at results and you can tell that he is working so very hard for his team. In a way it humbles me, to think about what a selfish asshat I've been for the last while. I'm trying to be better. But this is my thing right now. But it's always good to see out there.

Oh, and Gary seems to be investing a ton of effort into his cycling, which is great. and I wish I was paying more attention to.

And my Ex has gone MIA... I'm a little worried. . . . . . . .

Well.... See if I can make it to bed.

One Love everyone........

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