Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Silly Rabbit.

Someone Shoot that damn rabbit.

Good god, I'm going to have to shut it all off soon. Rough day.... Not bad, just Rough, I ended up doubling down today, and after 3 hours of dragging that bottom I doubled into I ended up in a 2% rally, none of it is a big deal since anything I buy, I'd own for 2 years if I chose to. But no reason to hold onto a dog for 2 years......
So far I'm infamous for buying just before the very bottom, which is good cept the hour of "Wholy shit" I just lost half a point, then like I said 3 hours of I'm breaking even. From now On, I buy then shut the TV and Internet off for the rest of the day.
Do something easier on my heart like ride a bike. The broad fucked up nature of our "U.S." economy. Wow, baby boomers have roughly 100k to retire on. ....... And...
Dubya again........ Talking about the income gap between the rich and the poor. What the Fuck with this guy Again..... What an Assfuck, Damn I guess someone should do something about that, like give the upper 10% another fucking Tax Cut.
I've seen a ton of fucking rich dudes talking about the AMT tax... Ok, for those of you who don't make over 50k the AMT applies to those who do, and if you make 70K you have to pay at least some tax...... and at 100k you have to pay 10% Minimum, and at 200k you have to pay 20% and here is the Heart breaker, at 500K you have to pay 25%.... I know I know it's absolutely tragic that there is now a minimum tax for those in these tax brackets, I'm sure this is the worst thing in the world that you can't deduct your way out of paying your fair share.... Yep Life is tough on those in these brackets.... Cry your way home. The Gaul of somone making 100k to cry about how they have to pay 10k in taxes. Just shows how the rich are fucking the poor, I'll pay 10k this year easily, and I won't make 100K.

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