Sunday, April 08, 2007

Ugh, Potato victory.....

So, Again it fucking Happened..... OK MOTHERFUCKERS (unfortunately I forgot my b vitamins yesterday). Seriously, if you call me or I call you. I say "Hey, you want to (ride, bike, hike, run, have dinner.... etc)". First, Say "no" if you don't want to. Remember, life requires planning. When you say yes.".
Then I go, "well I was thinking, just a nice, aerobic ride around the valley. 5,6,7 hours as long as we can stand."
And you go, well.... "why don't we just go do this ride, with a bunch of rec riders..."
"Alright, sounds cool. "

Flash forward, 2 hours before the ride.

"um, dude, it may rain."

"Nope, that system at 10am will miss that ride. it may rain in ogden and provo till noon, but the radar says it has missed us."
"that's not what weather underground says."
"Weather underground is for fools. The national weather service and their current radar and satellite images."

(so, I didn't have this conversation. my buddy left a message on my voice mail.
But seriously)

I tried to call back and then reschedule a nice calm ride, maybe a little later or whatever. But nope, to chicken to pick up the phone (I can be an overbearing Prick). But seriously, if you make plans with me, Follow through!!!!! especially if I reschedule what I'm doing to fit you in. Otherwise your going to get this message, "I'll be leaving from here, at 9am. Join or not"

So, there I am, riding with Rec. Riders. I'm ok with this, but I don't really know anyone. And this is how most of these rides go......
Some Dude, "Man, i'm wicked strong." Then they sprint until they are bonked or dehydrated. I ended up Holding a groups wheel, then forming a more elite group which then managed to Reel in the rest of the riders for the rest of the ride.

It's one thing to ride strong for an hour, it's another to do it for 4. Certainly some things vary based on environment, after 30 miles you should have emptied your bottles and have eaten a significant amount of food.

By the way, the potato's Rocked!!! um, lightly foiled and pieces no larger than 3" on any side.

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