Monday, April 09, 2007

H1B visa

I guess I need to go into some history, Late 90's with the Internet/tech boom- There were 2-3x the number of Tech workers, I couldn't go anywhere and run into some fucking "WebMaster" Or Web Editor. It almost made me sick, the massive numbers of "Dopes" in my industry.
Then the big "Tech Boom" went bust, and only the strong were left. There were tons of Really great I.T. Pro's that suffered, Tons of people took big pay cuts. Finally about 3 years ago the industry started to recover, but this is what the companies did. They hired contract workers. There are alot of ways to do this, alot of them are illegal. There are a quite a few times where I get a call and someone wants me to work 8-5 as a 1099, and I threaten to call the IRS. (let me point out that calling the IRS on a potential employer, won't get you the job). To be honest, the way I look at it, you don't want to work for companies that are either ignorant or turn a blind eye to employment law. Call me goofy.
The median starting wage for a tech worker is 50k, right now. Also there are tons of actual contractors that make Tons of money, but only work as needed. If you didn't know about 80% of the people who try and pass themselves as "Microsoft" employees are Microsoft "partners" who are contractors who work for Microsoft. Your average decent Tech worker makes 70-90K that is SQL managers, good Network managers and engineers. The problem is that that is the rate that the Managers make, the MBA's and the small time V.P.'s make. and they resent it. So, what the companies want to do is bring in Indian I.T. workers...BTW it's not Asian ones, because they won't do this. But the Indian I.T. workers will work for 30-40K which is big money to them, coming from economies that people make less than 10k a year.
The only other option that these companies have is to increase the pay and try and lure some of the old I.T. workers back from the Tech boom. This all means that they need to pay people another 10-20K a year. This is what the H1B visa's are all about. If it wasn't, you would see companies trying to recruit just about anyone who could type on a keyboard to work "High Tech"


Gautam said...

Last time I checked, India is in Asia. Might I also suggest, if you do indeed mean to make a distinction between East and Sout Asians, then you should note, that at least South Asians speak English, where single degree Chinese who went to Uni in China are most likely horrendous at English. The reason the don't come is that they don't get offered.

The Mop said...

My point was they don't get offered because East-asians won't work for $15 an hour, when they can get 30-40 at home. Instead of working at $6 in a call center at home.
The stats on this are ridiculous, I.T. People who should be making a minimum $20 an hour being brought in at $10. These "Highly Trained" workers making nothing. I don't care how well they do or don't speak, They need to make prevailing wages, and they arn't. This is a system to bring in a ton of cheap labor.
But thanks for correcting me that India is asia. That makes the blow of replacing "working class"50-100k jobs with $10 an hour "Highly Skilled" labor.
This is the most rediculous lying corporate bullshit that exists....
I don't actually care about the quality of their english, since they are supposed to be "highly Skilled"
This debate is a joke, and only adds to the weakening of our economy. Half of these desparatly needed "Highly Skilled" empoyees are in the bottom 25% of the wage bracket for their job. Most of which Bairly make a living wage.... Yep "Highly skilled" workers.
But Ya, I said Asian when I should have been talking about the japanese who make 2x what we do by working at home. Most don't even want to waist their time comming over here.