Thursday, April 12, 2007

obsession Du Jour

Yep, I'm on free trade coffee. I'm trying to understand this.... My coffee that I buy for $7-$10 a pound. Is sold for $1.15 as a commodity. At the farm the farmers are getting .25 per pound or less. Let's put this in context.
Oil is $60 a barrel which is $1.20 per gallon
Gas is $2.something per gallon on the open market.

and your paying almost 200% markup on gas for processing and shipping.

So, Coffee. for roasting the bean and shipping. 4000% from the farmer. The money is in the roasting........

Well, I may get a roaster. even if you don't have a roaster, Millstone actually has some free trade coffee. Also you can get it through e-bay, or on the web

Ok, back to work.

You can find your favorite blend for roughly the same price, especialy when you talk about 5 pounds at a time. All we are talking about is forcing the coffee distributers to Kick another .50 to the farmers.
Maybe if I get 10 grand in cash together, I'll get some shipped

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