Saturday, April 07, 2007

So, I don't realy post this stuff

I guess I'm happy. I keep trying to convince myslef I went top 3, but no matter what Miopic way I look at the number it's still a 4.

Umn, Sure I went to a race that excluded the utah cycling elite, since that was HOTN. I did make a promice to do this race 6 months ago, who knew the two would conflict. Like I say though I'm a man of my word and when I say I'm doing it, I do it.

Overall I went top 10 out of my group, and it realy wasn't my race. Also, I was only 20 some odd seconds off of 2nd and I could have shaved that with a little better prep and focus. But, I've been scatterd, and best not to bitch a top 4.

Also, after last years embarasing Spring drop by a member of the superior sex. I was very happy to have put on at least 20 seconds on all the woman. Not that ..... Well, I may be an asshole, But seriously who want's to get beat by a chick.... (which could be why Julie and I havn't ridden together.(I do know however that I could out drink her(cept knowhing her she would put on some kind of Indiana Jones, Nepalies-Miriam Ravenwood Drinkfest, smackdown on me.)

In other news I've gained my own nemisis, the guy who got the UNO, Just but the smackdown on me, Like I was nothing. Big up's to him, but unfortunatly he is now my nemisis. Sorry that's just the way it works. Specialy when I gave him the cold shoulder, not realizing who he was. This is obvious a sign of new found respect for him.

Funny, there are 60 some odd people that would have loved to have had the ride I did, and I bitch. now if only my knees will still feel good tomorrow.

One love everyone. sorry no pictures.

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