Friday, April 13, 2007

Running Again.....

So, .... Last week someone I rode with was training for a Triathlon, and it reminded me of a goal I have, which is..... This is way down the priorities so it may not happen till next year. But a Mini-Tri.... Going to have to figure out how to swim... and as I'm about to cover my running sucks.

I haven't made it out for a run since maybe early march or and probably only 3 or 4 runs since then. Since it's been so biteing cold for the past few days, and i've been damn near suicidal on the bike, just about sobbing as the wind dug it's icy dry claws into my exposed skin. After getting through the bulk of my taxes I knew I'd never make it into the hills. So, off to run a bit, I went. Foolishly, I've run out of banana's for the past few days, so now I get strange twitches and binding in my muscles... I really need to take my supplements seriously. Even before starting I could feel my knees twitch and ache.
After a good stretch, and a short moment wondering what I was about to do to myself, reflecting on the line in my May bank statement where the dinner bill from the night I wounded my knee, sat taunting me, I set off. A good pace, my lungs are good, heart beating strong, I think about the fact I need to work on a smoother motion. I ease up and walk a bit, no reason to hurt myself. I continue to be taunted by the run that put me out of commission for the better part of 5 months. Realizing that what I needed to do was get my mind out of the running game, and into that good focused state of being.
I reminded myself that I needed to just think my way through it, visualize moving down the road for half a mile or more, without stopping. Keep my mind distracted from the aches and pains of ever step. Get my body to just relax........ Well, that lasted a quarter mile.
It's always good to recognise what your doing wrong. If I'm going to do this I'm going to have to run once if not twice a week, I also have got to work on a longer stride, I have a ridiculous short stride that I'm sure is from cycling for so long... One of these days I need to work on it.
I've never mentioned this, but one of my favorite sports is to go to the grocery store in my shorts and running shirt and see who stalks me and violates my 3 foot personal space... It's fun.

I think I need to eat more red meat.

Ok, I'm going to try and stop posting so much crap, and bile.

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Mistress Julie said...

You don't have those creepy running shorts that have that slit on the sides that goes all the way up to the waistline do you?

If not, then I'll get in your personal space.

I'm going out for a run in the desert up a ridge to a flag stuck in the mountain top in Green Valley in Las Vegas. After picking scotch tape off the walls in my rental property this morning for an hour and then cleaining up piles of dirt and scuzz, I NEED to go run to maintain my sanity. I haven't run since December when I was in Buellton, CA tasting lots of vino.

Fucking renter mentality. Maybe I'll go get some wine and get hammered and then do my projects. Yeah. That's a damn fine idea.