Saturday, April 07, 2007

Taters, and fruit punch

One would think that boiling some potato's for a bike ride would be fairly straight forward..... But NO!!!!!!!!!
  • First, do you boil them then cut them into handy bitesize pieces.
  • Second, how do you know when they are cooked, are you skrewed if you over cook them.
  • Third, How the hell do you wrap them in foil. maybe two pieces, one on each side or wrap them. and how much wrapping will be unmanageable on the bike.

Yep that will be me, the guy with 3 pounds of potato's in his pockets.

This "Health" thing, a person should drink 2 quarts of water per day. Sure I can dial in the water intake when I'm on the bike. But the question is "How much off the bike." I keep finding myself dehydrated so I've been setting a target of 3-4 quarts a day. Still, I ten to binge, and drink a quart at a time, which flushes right through me.... Point being, I've been mixing up cool-aid quite a bit. Yep, it's like being 6 years old.

Well, my lips are chapped, legs hurt, and I've eaten every carb in the house.......... 100 miles tomorrow. even worse is my hydration when My kidneys are trying to dump the Overdose of ibuprofen I try to kill myself with.

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