Friday, March 30, 2007


You know the only reason I blog, is ... Well, I am still having these fitful sleep episodes. For the life of me I can't figure out the reason, I'm guessing stress. I do great on the weekend, so lucky only about 12 hours till I can sleep. ... This is what it is, I'm getting 1-2 hour naps. Maybe 4 hours during the night. They say Einstein did cat naps, but like 15 minutes. I think it may explain how he did all his best work before 25, and deteriorated into trying to prove that god existed in his waining years(ya, I'm oversimplifying, there was some bullshit about a unified theory).
So, worst part is that I'm so fatigued that it's hard to work. I spend most my time thinking about how the Markets will move, and how that will affect the stock prices in a 5day, 4 week, 3 month and year price range.

Dell has accounting errors, and the words misconduct are used.... Dell will dump 10 percent over the next few days... Y'all don't know me but I hate Dell, Fascinating to me is that in a billion dollar company you can re-arrange things so that you can be losing millions and still pretend your growing.

Take Two interactive, the makers of the Grand Theft Auto video game series, which I'm a huge fan of(but I don't play vid games anymore). Well some investors, showed up at the quarterly meeting and booted the Board of directors and the CEO. The board had been.... Well behaving like the characters in the game, and besides that they couldn't provide any other decent games. My concern with Take Two, is that.... Well maybe without the "Edgy" management, they won't be able to build "edgy" games. I mean, why not have a video game where you can pay a hooker to give you a Hummer, And I'm not talking about a car.
The Video Game Sector is HUGE in the stock market, That and Apple, Apple can do no wrong, and launched some Lame Apple TV thing, well Microsoft just launched a new Xbox which does the same thing as the apple Tv thing. So, buy a $600 Apple TV, or Buy an Xbox that does the same thing And Plays games. Hate to say it but apple is beat, they should team up with activision. Why I hate the Ipod, Well I like to Lose, Break, Have Stolen, Wash, Throw in a fit of rage, A $100 Item, and not a $200-$300 item. As far as investments are concerned, I get to be a bit of a contrarien, so its time to sell apple and activision. Activision still has some legs, but it's way to hot these days.
Fill your gas tanks, 8 days of increased oil prices, limited supply and this Iranian thing. Like I've said "We Are At Peak Oil" so, the only question is how long will it be hidden from the public. Seemed obvious to me last few years as supply and refining became limited *wink Wink* *nod nod* when they won't expand to produce more, they know something we don't... Like that soon we won't be able to find enough oil to refine if we expand capacity. That and they want to get every dime out of what is left. Seriously Oil went from $20 to $60 in the past few years.

Crop report is coming out today, saying how all the farmers are going to grow corn for ethanol, which means not enough corn to stuff in your McQuaterpounders, and all the other things that have corn sugar in them. Which means More expensive food. So, more expensive food, and more expensive Gas....... Beets!!!! I can't imaging that beets aren't a better option.

Oh, on a more local issue, fill your car with gas.

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