Sunday, April 15, 2007

You had me with the Zebra.....

I'm a fan of, Originally Survivor man,

which is great.... guy kicks out for 7 days of survival with 60 pounds of camera equipment.... It's like they said. "Hey do this." and he said, "ah.... That's easy, how if we add 60 pounds of camera equipment. Which he constantly uses to get some great pictures and makes it very difficult on himself.... My kind of self-destructive behavior......
So, then there is Man Vs. Wild

The difference is this, Bear(man Vs. Wild). is an ex Special services, but not the U.S. but some pussy Australian version. But he doest the things that Les(survivor man) won't do. See, les doesn't seem to like eating bugs and the nasty stuff. Bear, just knows if he can get a bit to eat here and there it will boost his energy, the he will use it to do crazy stuff like run down the mountain, or show you how to survive a Crevasse fall, or a dive into an Icy cold Lake. Also Bear has to make it out..... Question I have is how do you explain to someone that he needs to rescue you and your camera-man out of the sierra Nevada mountains... Seems a little awkward.... I also wonder how the camera guy is rigged up, does he have a full pack with a tent and all the shit... and bear just camps outside. Camera guy making up smores on his fire while Bear Starves. Like I said though, I've seen bear catch a fish with his hand, Les on the other hand is always tired from packing 60 pounds of cameras. Bear always has flint and a Great Knife, and water bottle.

I was on the fence about this and was even trending toward Les, Bear seems staged with some interesting camera work. But Bear won me over when he fought off some vultures to cut a steak out of the neck of a Zebra, and ate it raw.... Then walked off into the pride of lions that originally took the Zebra down in the first place, saying "how cool was that"!

Point being, You have to see Man Vs Wild...

That's the kind of Scout leader we all should have.

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