Friday, April 27, 2007

Do we need lesson number 2?

It would be unbelievable to me, if I needed to go on another day about how attempting to "Terrorize" a woman is "UNWELL" behavior. I can't imagine that any of you can't recognize that fact. I also don't think anyone needs to be CSI to have the evidence to put it together. You have a higher responsibility to intervene if you can. This guy is self destructing. Get him help before it happens.
It's hard for me to fault this person, cause he is ill. But if you know anything or can get involved, You have to do it. Do it because you care about your friend. You also can call that mental health line if you want some advice about how to proceed. If this was someone close to me, I'd feel awful if I didn't do everything I could before this gets even more Serious.

I'm sorry dude, But your threatening a woman. This is out of control.

These are the things, in this society, that get me down, Some guy out there thinks this stuff is "funny" or "amusing" or "A Joke", and it's a Rationalization to terrorize a woman. I'll bet money that there is some friend of his, who knows about it, and is ok with it. Or dismisses it as just some of his "Eccentric" behavior. This is escalating Kids!!
If you don't know what to do, or are confused:
(801) 261-1442
They can help you, or help you to intervene before this gets even more out of hand.

Say, "Hi My buddy keeps tormenting this woman, and I'm afraid it's turning dangerous. What do I do"
"I'm really having some troubles, and I need to find a mental health professional to help me."

Get Help!!!
Get Him Help!!!

This has become Criminal and dangerous!!!

I'm doing everything I can? Are You?

Dude!!!!!! Get Help.... Please!!!!!
You're not Well!!!!

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sleevie said...

Psychology/Psychiatry.. preferably a combination of the two... I've heard great things about Valley Mental Health. You can also go to UNI, the University Neuropsychiatric Institute up at the UofU.

I second the motion... If someone is mentally ill and demonstrating dangerous behaviors and criminal activity than it is the responsibility of the friends of this person to say something.

The longer one waits to seek out treatment the worse the disease becomes. In fact... you are more likely to continue having episodes for the rest of your life if treatment is not sought out at the onset of the disease. Mental illness is not something that just "goes away" after time. I guarantee you that even if you become stable at some point, the episodes will return somewhere down the line.

Medication, Medication, Medication... assuming the individual would take it on the prescribed basis. That and some psychotherapy, assuming they would go, can pretty much change a sick persons entire world.