Sunday, April 15, 2007

Snowline Coffee.....

This is a section of the Jordan river parkway....This was on my run, that I think I hurt myself on......

oh, no... Mill B south

Hmmm Blanch or Broads fork...... hmmmm

Looks like Broads fork.

Blurry, I'm hiking. I did this all with the cell camera. so, Y'all are getting cheated. With as much weight as I packed up, silly I didn't bring the camera too.

There is the foot bridge, I remember the first time I hit this years ago, and it took 2 quarts of water just to get here. In case you don't know this is a fairly steep hike.

Very cool ice on the logs in the river

Bound to get Epic, Ok epic minus.

De brie field..... I was hoping to not come across whatever set it off. Maybe it just happened.

Camp Coffee!!!!!!

My Cool Esbit Stove.

Sweet, about 3 pounds and I had a nice late lunch of Penne Pasta, with Vegie Sausage. Which I let heat up with the water in the coffee pot. I picked up the coffee pot and the dude at the store said...."You know that's not a percolator."

Me, "Ya, it doesn't even look like one."

Him, "ya that's one of those coffee boilers."

Me, "dude, I know all about sheepherder coffee. But thanks for asking"

So, it took about 2 minutes from trail to setup with the fire lit. 5 or so minutes later I had a warm meal and a Kick ass cup of coffee.(admittedly the coffee, relative to good coffee, kind of sucked.... But Time and place helps allot.)

Those little comforts.... Remind me that it really is the little things.

I could use a reflector...

It is not very passable to the lake up there. I tried my hardest but it was a wash.

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