Thursday, April 26, 2007

I'm trying to keep myself calm.....

This is an open letter to the Person who has taken Julie's bikes, as well as ruined her week/Weekend. I suspect this person may, read this blog. In my best moderate tone, I suspect this is just one of those "jokes, or Humor, that got out of hand". Or that your humor or whatever is "just a little off. "

Let me be very Clear with you, You committed a Felony/Crime. This is Threatening Behavior. Regardless of the "joke" or "Humor" or how every you/he is rationalizing it. I'm pleading with you that THIS IS OUT OF HAND. I suspect some of the rest of you also know or suspect who this is. This is what concerns me. Not only is it a Crime, but it also shows a level of Danger in his/your behavior toward Julie.

"You are a Danger to those around you, and probably to yourself.". Without tipping my hand about my suspicion. I'm serious, you need to get help. Valley Mental health is a good place. You can go in and get some help. This is what they are there for. This isn't a big deal, Yet! You can get help, I swear you will be the better for it. Your relationships will improve, your ability to function. Your entire life will improve. Just get some help. You just need to go down there and ask.
Some stuff I agree can just be in "good fun" or amusing. This stuff keeps crossing the line. I know it sucks to be messed up. This is overboard!!!!!! It's not Healthy.

Get some help!!!!
You will be so much Better, and happier.
I'm so sorry to go at it this way, but Come on man. This isn't normal behavior. Just do it for yourself......
Some of you, who know this person, Please in your most empathetic way, encourage this person to get help...... understand these aren't jokes or fun, or pranks. These are crimes, if you'er at all involved you need to realized your partially responsible. Even if you just know about it. You have a responsibility to stop it. This isn't OK!. If he is a friend of yours, you have to do the "Tough Love" Thing, He isn't well. He/You need help. Please before he/You hurt someone or yourself.
When these things escalate into crimes, it crosses a line. These aren't Juvenal Pranks, your an Adult. Your friend is an Adult. He should have grown out of this stuff by now.
I'm so sorry..... I'm pleading with you to get some help, Before you hurt yourself or someone else. THIS HAS TO END!!!!!!!
You/he needs Real professional Help, it's available. Also if you know this person you have a responsibility to do what you can to not enable Him. as best you can, get him to get some help. Certainly don't enable him on this, which is what you do with your silence.
Dude, you have friends, they will only think better of you, if you take this step. I swear the ones worth keeping will rally around you......... Please man!!!!! Even you, have to realize something is wrong......... Please....
I don't know how to do this...take this seriously. It's not normal to threaten a woman.
Get Help!!! Please!!!
(801) 261-1442


flahute said...

If you know for sure who it is, then you should out them.

Everyone deserves to know who should be avoided in these situations.

The Mop said...

Your right, but I just have a good guess and a person who has a pattern with this stuff.

My point is someone probably does know, and has the evidence. That person needs to "Man up" to his responsibility.

I don't have enough status in this persons life to do anything but beg them to get help. Or help their Buddy......

He Needs Help Guys!

The Mop said...

If I had the evidence, the cops would have him in handcuffs. I think some of the people he hangs with don't realize this isn't a game. Much better that he get proper help, rather than go to Jail.