Tuesday, April 17, 2007

This is good

I've gone quiet..... better start from the top...

I had this great post planned it was called.

I may require indoor helmet too. AKA the pleasures of creatine AKA The number of ceiling tiles in my kitchen. AKA I need to eat more.

So then I see another post which is roughly the same thing.... Hate to think I'm copying.

Point being, I started loading creatine a few days ago, and The last few days I forgot to track what I eat. Ended up running the tank dry as I stared in the cupboard figuring out what to make for dinner....
Never happened to me ever, Strange to be a strong fit dude, and find yourself unable to stay vertical for longer than about 30 seconds. I also think I gave myself a good thump the first time it happened, which I think exacerbated it. Nice to be laying on the floor figuring out where the nearest simple carbo is. Fortunately I realized I had tons of simple carbo's everywhere.

funny thing is another blog I read had a very similar post.....

The other good thing is that this means my BMI has gone up significantly... Which I'm very psyched about... I guess I'm just not going to get along with eating 800-1200 calories a day.

happens again, I'm going to see the doc, but my head still hurts.

So...... On Workout.... I swear, I'm trying to quit... But Zen Gray is kind of hot,

and the tragic interpersonal Drama's make me want to jump off a bridge.
2 people at dinner having a Cat fight, this is what the mop would do, "Alright, that is it, I will have a nice quiet dinner, You two will shut up and act like your at least 14 years old, and behave at the table. I don't care what poor manners your parents tolerated, but you will not ruin my dinner.
So, here is a stinker, in some kind of Crazy Hypoglycemic rant, the Head workout woman, says this to one of her clients "You will lose 15 pounds in 2 weeks" Someone should try to do that and then injure themselves then file a lawsuit against Bravo. Even one of her trainers almost freaked out...

Ok, if I start talking about the "Hair Cut" show... I need someone to come over and Kill me!!!! Please!!!!

Mop!!! Step away from the T.V.!!!!!!!!!

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