Sunday, April 29, 2007

.... Continued number 3

We interrupt your usual post about my Miss-Training and my usual flights of Fancy...and my great hikes for Trail coffee.

Stalker Dude episode 3.

It's Skit night here on the blog........

Mr., "Honey, we should invite (Criminal Stalker) over for the BBQ."

Mrs., "hmmm, I'm not sure."

Mr., "Honey, we have been friends for a long time. and I'd like him to Meet, Your Friend Susan."

Mrs., "*sigh* Well, Unfortunately she found out that he actually Stalked, and Broke into Julies Home!!!!, Breaking and entering... Umn.... Susan is actually mad at me, for even trying to set her up with him. In Fact, she won't even come over if he is here. You have to admit it's extremely Creepy."

Mr., " Well She doesn't' have to come then!!!!"

Mrs., "Actually I've been thinking, I'm not comfortable with the kids being around him. Not only is he a poor roll model, I actually am kind of nervous having the kids in the same room with him."

Mr. "He isn't that bad."

Mrs., "Sweetheart, he broke into her home, violated her home, I can't believe that you don't realize how serious it was."

Mr. "It was just one of his "Jokes" gone Bad."

Mrs., "Well, I'm not interested in some "joke gone bad", being played on me, or any of my girlfriends, And Certainly not our KIDS. Listen up, He will not be allowed to be in our Home."

I'm not kidding here. He needs help. Think about the fact that your "Buddy" is sneaking around in the dark outside her home. This is someone you call a Friend.

Hey, I"m sorry dude. But I talked to you before about this. You said you were going to knock it off. And now this is out of hand. YOU NEED PROFESSIONAL HELP!!! Sneaking around someones house is CRIMINAL, the other things you have done are criminal. Get help!!!!!!!!!! Please Please Please!!!! There are moments, I'm sure when you realize that it was a mistake..... But you didn't spill some milk on the carpet, Your breaking into her house.........
You're not well....

Get Help Please!!!!!

This is going to get worse, unless you take that step!!!!

(801) 261-1442
It will be great fun when You all get to meet the mop when he has to "Testify" in court....
Get your friend, Help!!!!

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