Thursday, April 05, 2007

Can you be to tired for coffee?

To be honest, I'm good. Yesterday was unbelievable. Crazy how stressful it is, that you lost $50 for most the afternoon, into a solid rally in the last hour(most volatility is in the first and last hour of the market), I'm thinking Nanotech this morning. But I managed 7 hours last night and it was good.
So, I'm just blogging for me at this point. I figure I may estrange myself from most of you. But... it gives me something to do when I need to vent, or am just ..... So, fuck it. I figure blog.
Easter, damn I want some of those cream filled eggs, or just some chocolate ones, or some m&m's. My on bike feast of bad food has kicked off a sweet tooth of epic proportions, I'm going to need to stop that a bit. I'm going to boil up some potato's for this weekend, maybe some fig newtons. My legs are killing me, it takes 4 miles for them to loosen up, I'm trying to take it easy for the next few days till the weekend racing.

Time to get some work done.....

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woody said...

No but I have to take days at a time away from it so I can get prper recoveries after some good rides.
Bobbie got me an espreso maker (rocket fuel) for my B-day so that adds to the coffee fun now days too. You made a good point about it not being as social as a big old coffee pot especialy for camping/back packing. I was thinking insted of sheep hearder coffee you could rig that pot up to be a coffee press. don't call it frech press thos ass hols don't desrve credit for anything.

Woddy is from an old google account I may change it some day funny story about that name if you want to know some day.