Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Insomnia persists

Here I sit again, Ya! so, what am I doing with the blog. I've kind of given up caring. I actually created a second blog but I just hated posting to it.... In fact I'm hating posting to this one, but... Well this is kind of an apology to my readers, I'm completely posting for me these days. Very few of my fun posts with either interesting thoughts or flights of amusing fancy. I imagine I will return to that:

Hmmmm, I was group riding this weekend and as people fell off the back.. Well, I wasn't the one pushing, I don't see any reason to have people fall off the back in a friendly group ride. Since the reason I would group ride is to make and have some friends. not to spend 70+ miles regretting that you came out as you end up grinding through the wind alone.... I can do that at home.

As people are coming off, I always see it like the heard of Gazelle and the pride of lions in pursuit, the weak ones falling off the back. I shed a small tear, never to see them again.

Maybe I'm not drinking enough.


Mistress Julie said...

I'll go drinking with you. :)

The Mop said...

why did that just make me laugh so hard my side hurt.

and why didn't I get credit for my funny about your pulp fiction.

Mistress Julie said...

i didn't see it.... all i saw was "reverend who?"

i'm really tired today. i forgot how much riding a lot kicks my ass.

The Mop said...

Ya, before that was my comment, before your "reverend" comment...

I'm just about in the same boat, I didn't ride yesterday. Just alot of whining about how tired and sore I was. the 3 flats I had this weekend didn't help. I'm just now changeing the final one.

But it sounds like I'm ready for something small, but not RMR. Watch that heart rate, its a great indicator of your training/overtraining.