Thursday, July 16, 2009

Well Now

Kelly threw out a tag.... and some hidden part of me loves a tag... but I can't admit it.... except that I sort of just did. and she probably doesn't read the blog. and even if she did she wouldn't admit it.... and it's been lame these days...

Trying to generate some momentum to check out the black Keys.... I mean.. I never leave the house except to grocery shop and ride the bike.

  1. What is my current obsession? Riding my bike. Also Thomas Paine, Gordon Ramsay... Ya... we all have tons to answer for, but Gordon does cool stuff like raises pigs in is urban garden, to teach his kids where food comes from, and then they eat them, after caring for them for months.
  2. What do you hate that everyone else seems to love? Bank Stocks, Jones Brothers, American Idol, America's got tallent. Michael Jackson.
  3. What are you Wearing today? Shorts T-Shirt... same as it ever was.
  4. What is for dinner? Probably a salad... tough thing, I need more roughage.
  5. What would you eat for your last meal? Wings!!! In fact, I'd like to die by hotwing!
  6. Last thing I bought? Groceries, almost got a gatorade on a ride but couldn't find the cash in my pack.
  7. What am I listening to right now? The TV switched over to the Yoga, as schedualed... which I never do. but the TV is too far away to get to.
  8. What do you think of the person who tagged me? Kelly has a Great honest way about her. she didn't really tag me...
  9. If you could have a house fully paid for and totally funrished where woudl it be? I'd like a nice Cabin, or a Beach house.
  10. If I could go anywhere in the next hour... Where? Nice 80-90 deg beach ...
  11. What is one of my hobbies? Gardening. Tinkering.... I always wanted to Cooper, 200 years ago I'd have been a cooper.
  12. What is your favorite quote? I can't say it... first thing that came to mind is a Bukowsky quote.....
  13. Favorite color? Blue... Dark Blue
  14. Favorite piece of clothing... I have a dark green Fleece
  15. Dream job? I was thinking about being a bar fly a few days ago, I was a Trout Bum for 6 months
  16. describe your personal style? I'm caught in 90's grunge... need to move on... but how?
  17. Favorite tree? I have this great Pagoda tree. Throws this huge Canopy of shade.
  18. What am I going to do after this? Kit up
  19. Favorite fruit? I eat a ton of apples... but an in season Mango is out of control... but you have to go to asia.
  20. What inspires you? I'm not sure I know the inspiration you talk of... I like being Curious about new things. Maybe its a tell about me. but I'm unrepairable.
  21. Who was athe last person I kissed? There was this woman I was dating till about christmas.
  22. What are you currently reading?Working on Homer.. been working on it through 6 other books and for about a year.
  23. go to my bookshelf take first book down with red binding turn to 26 type first line: Rumpled and sun roasted, graham didn't look like a federal investigator
  24. What delighted you the most today. eh....
  25. if your life had a theme song, what would it be. Can't think of one
  26. if you bought a wiener dog today, what would you name it? George
  27. what is the character trait or habit of yours that you inherited from one of your parents? Ability to make things more complicated than they need to be.
ok... have to ride the bike and convince myself to get out and see the world ... and be asshole to elbo with all the other nutjobs at Galvin.


Kelly said...

I knew you couldn't resist a tag!

The Mop said...

The least you could do is actually tag me so I have an excuse!!!