Thursday, July 09, 2009

Judd Gregg

Judd gregg was just on the news talking about Healthcare, and how great private insurance is.....

IT BOTHERS THE SHIT out of me, that congress is completely full of shit, as they sit with the best health insurance in the world, the federal blue cross blue shield system.

Which is Ten times better than any insurance program you can get in the private sector. Not even covering that most insurance programs are in the business of Taking a Premium and never paying for Claims.

I guarantee that if Ted Kennedy was on any other insurance program in the private sector... he would be dead right now!

BUT what is good enough for them..... IS NOT GOOD ENOUGH FOR YOU..... RIGHT!!!

Judd Greg "Oh... it would be a disaster if we had a gov run program."..

OK JUDD... go get a better one from some non Federal insurance program then if it is so good! You are missing out on high quality health care......
Put your money where your mouth is you Hypocritical Prick!!

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