Friday, July 17, 2009

Turning Squares

biggest buzzword of this tour is "Turning Squares". You can almost name the tour based on the buzzwords being used during it. What was last year "reclaim the tour.".... and the year before.... "Jacked full to the gills".

My legs have had the hurt in them... all over. I messed with cleat position because one of them was giving me some grief. then the other one started hurting to make because it had new stress at the new mileage.

So... I'm Out today, getting some miles in... wondering if I need to make some adjustments... maybe even dedicate a ride to making the adjustments, or god save me, pull out the rollers.

But I'm out... and I realize that much of the problem is ..... "That I'm turning Squares"... and most the stress is because I'm pounding away at the pedals and don't have that good fluid motion....


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