Friday, July 17, 2009

Banter Pluss....

In my mind this played out like a Turbo Love fest.... and I saw a post on his blog.

So. Ryan posts a post, the Jist of it is "Struggling with Reality". Let me just say Reality is fungible, 90%+ if not 99% of us are Clueless, I'm not even that "high on my own shit" so say that I'm in the 1%... If you asked me, I'd say the great struggle for all of us is with Reality. And yet the most functional of us, don't struggle at all, and proceed through their delusions for all of their lives.
I guess that is to say... Reality is overrated!

Realize, I drank a couple beers Post 'The Black Keys' and my last beer was in the spring, and the one before that was in the fall. Not that I'm going Straight edger, but it's part of my new thing... As well part of it is to "not be a Zealot".. Cause there is nothing like a Zealot!! But thanks to the T-Bird for the Black Keys.... but I'm fairly sure I gave him Bob Log III... So Even....

Now that that is cleared up, What some of you don't know.... I'd imagine that there would be some supposition about "What happened to 'The Mop'" .... Was it about "the broom" or about "something else" or Just my desire to fade back into the Nether Regions.... and even writing this paragraph is about as narcissistic as I can get, without vomiting.

What I'm getting at, is that Ryan's post reminded me about What happened. I don't talk to people... my life is that of a monk, and a friend of mine drank coffee with me till about 5am, me shooting espresso till I started sweating out of the back of my knees. During that conversation It just occurred to me that my life needed to change. There is sort of a point at about 24 when you realize you need to Get a Life, and it seems like in your 30's you realize... your going to lose your life. Therefore it's time to Get off your ass, and live your life. That is where I hit, in the shower, sweating out the back of my Knees. It was time to work on being whatever it was I could be, and to fight for my potential.
I guess here I am.... sort of on the other side of that at this point.... I'm sort of Bloody, sort of Scarred.... Like the phoenix Born of fire..... here I am again... Still Haunted, and Nagged. Still Suffering, still fighting. What is it that is Born of the Ashes of that fire? I don't' know.... We are still working on that.... me, The Mop, The Max, Batman, and the Wolverine!.... Still working on Being a Better person, still working on enlightenment...... Always there is "The work". But There is now a new Lucidity to me... It's painful, and I live with stress and on the edge about 110 hours a week. It's nasty and hateful, and it get's ugly..... I can say, that for a large part, I can be a very unpleasant person to be around!

I had a friend struggling with Reality...... I asked Which is it that you struggle with? 'The Great and secret show' or 'The great work'? That is sort of a Clive Barker Reference... I'd explain it, but I'd have to kill you!... The difference is for you to ponder...

But to me... it's not those that Struggle with Reality that you should worry about, it's those who don't have the sense to struggle with it.

these days... I tend to assess people based on.... "do they walk a Razors edge"... the edge between Trickery and divinity... Between the great Illusion, and those glimpses of reality that sometimes seem so fleeting.... Those are the good people...

It's that struggle, it's those people that I think are 'the great ones'...... everyone else just tends to have their head up their ass!

You want the Truth.... You can't handle the truth!!!

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