Saturday, July 25, 2009

Ramble Ramble tumbleweed

I'm trying to spare you the rambling post, i've been so good at.

I still feel like hell on the road, and Pain just about everywhere. I did clean the bike yesterday, should have about 1 pound less Road Grime. Made me want to pull the whole thing apart and give it a good once over. Just what I need mid season... A whole new "bike Drama".

You know... Figure out if my pain is just the normal breakdown build up of getting fit.
It's been all salads all the time, but finally I actually ate some proper food thursday. But I think I need to Keep on the Lawn Clippings, and the long rides for a few weeks.
Who am I kidding! I make a mean Salad!


Karen said...

I cannot see any picture on this post. Please correct it. :-)

The Mop said...

See, You think I actually made a pic of my salad....