Thursday, July 23, 2009

Tired Pluss some

Coach Ryan, who is not my coach. If you saw my form, it would confirm, he is not my coach. But after whining a few days ago about the heat, he had a reminder that 90 and sunny isn't perfect but it's damn close.

So I wen't out and a dog tried to eat me, but I got in a ton of good miles. Then today I made a fun run to frontage road, see if he could catch me, or see if I could leave after he did, and not get found....

I was riding up the river valley to frontage, saying "this is almost the dumbest ride I've ever done, I have no intent to go south or go up suncrest... WTF am I doing"

so, Tired... Just checked the heart rate, and after Many more miles in the past 3 days than I've done this season... The old heart rate is 60, Hopefully it will go down.

but I get home, have dinner and recovery.... Sit in my office chair, fall asleep, then move to lay in bed and watch T.V.... Fall Asleep then put the covers on, Fall Asleep till 10pm....

hmmmm..... that isn't a very interesting story....

Hey I tried!!

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