Friday, May 10, 2013

one day at a time....

It's a fairly ugly world I see these days. I was out this evening, Imagine this.

You meet someone they say "Hey! I'm in a band."
"That is awesome! What kind of band?", you reply
"Well it's sort of Cover band Tribute band"
"What sort of stuff do you play? what bands?"
"Well; Kind of .... The Monkeys, beach boys, maybe some Herman's Hermits. "

These guys were playing in some shopping center today. Watch out, one of them had his Jazzy parked next to him on lead guitar...... Yes... they do play weddings.

As I sat there assessing the crowd. 1 in 12/15 of y'all are too fat to have sex. I mean.... .maybe you manage.... but it seems like it would get ugly. Is it the steroids in the meat doing it..... WTF...... it's like being Neutered by BigMacs and fries.
This is your life... and it's passing one day at a time.

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