Thursday, May 09, 2013


..... She read it. Finally, she bothered to check the old e-mail and read what was inside.

I know what was inside, I wrote it. Nothing angry, nothing bitter. There was a time when I would concern myself with how someone would feel reading something I wrote or hearing something I told them. That isn't my concern..... that is life.... Life is .... people have feelings. People make decisions..... People make choices. It's not for me to take any of that on. It's for me to deal with my feelings, to make my choices. Beyond that..... let the chips fall.

   I know it sent her spinning. I know her brain is on fire. Somehow this wasn't her game. Somehow this... isn't what she wanted. She wanted to roll along, her rules.... her game..... Suddenly, like a truck it hit her..... the melodrama has spun out of control .... no longer is it the game she thought she was playing....

   The lying the manipulating..... all of it... teetering again. All I wonder now.... how do I deal with the response. If there is any.

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