Wednesday, May 08, 2013


I'm starting to doubt love will ever be what it once was. Now that I've said that, One has to wonder, I wonder if it ever was.

    I guess it has to be, If we didn't know the feeling, one wouldn't know the feeling that we were missing. Sense of wonder and excitement....... All it's promise.....

    Maybe that is what love is.... Promise. Sometimes I'm blown away by how words become the very epitome of the word. We make a promise to someone.... We keep that promise. In all of that promise.... we have promise. That is a relationship, the long lost healthy relationship..... The white Unicorn of Love.... To have and live up to our promise.... More to the point even to live up to our own promise. To live with promise.

   The antithesis... those that make promises they never intend to keep. Those that don't know what one is. Those that will never live up to any promise..... those that only make promises to convince people into giving them what they want. To never be willing to agknowledge the promise.... to lie about it even happening.

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