Saturday, May 25, 2013


.... I was a bad man today. I was descending today, and didn't take my headphones out. I came 6 inches from a car. I'm sure they were freaked. It was a moment where I had resigned myself to being hit. I didn't need to over correct. I was certainly spooked. It's where my head is at right now.... Edge of the envelope.

   I've become Hyper Productive. I haven't seen this since Pre-Girlfriends. I'm hoping this time of year is Post girlfriends.

One of the blog readers will know what I'm talking about here. Met this woman today, I'm thinking.... Well you have to meet more woman, I hear there are healthy woman. Her posture said she was friendly. Of course then went the teasing. Yes, I feel bad today... I'm going to drink water. I know you feel bad for whatever, but don't get me involved. I'm just nauseous. Making fun of my health, does not make me like you. It's also a bit of a red flag.

  I realized today I was kind of a confrontation hound. I saw someone victimize then try and become a victim all in 30 seconds. I hate people.....
You haven't heard from me in a while..... I'm working on that.


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