Wednesday, May 01, 2013


   So, I had a dream. I had a car very like the car in "the wrath"

It seemed to run on Jelly jet fuel... and they started selling it at gas stations. I don't know probably about my anger.
Somehow there were some women, and I was dating one.... but some dude kept trying to steal my car and it was getting in the way of my relationship.... or something.
Not sure my anger currently is getting in the way of anything date wise. I don't know. I guess regardless, my anger is my anger and the emotion is real.

I had a thought about my anger, it was more that I sort of needed it. Need to not deny my real feelings, that isn't healthy. Just because I'm angry.... I think I get to be angry. One of my thoughts was that maybe I don't get angry enough. Maybe I still withdraw and repress my anger.

Some of my anger is certainly at myself. That was what the therapist(my bike) said today. As much as I'm angry at some externalities, maybe even at the world at large. I'm also angry at myself.... I need to do more, I need to be more.

Ride with love and joy......

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