Wednesday, June 02, 2010


Weeks ago.. things were so manic.. "Everywhere" I reminded myself to keep my shit together, and save a few matches to burn, when things swung the other way.

Today, it feels like that is paying off. It feels like there are some bad winds out there. Usually this is reflected in the stock market. I'm not sure this time.

I want to get some good Mojo going. I want to thank everyone for playing #30 days of Content. It was an Adventure worth doing. With my "Foul" and Ryan sort of Trailing off. I think Kelly may have won. If it was a race, which it wasn't.

It was a valiant effort by everyone, amazing if you think about it. Ryan was Great! Kelly was Great! Sandy had some great posts! Greg, though he started it, Had a Tough But Proud ride.

Nancy gave out some solid encouragement!

Seems like we had the big ride... and it's time to rest up for the next Great Adventure in blogging. Again, You all did a fantastic job and it was a Fantastic Journey! AMAZING.

Hopefully we won't tell the grandkids about "When I was young, I tried to blog 30 days straight!"... but maybe we will.

Again! Thank you.... And a Big Thank you to all the readers who just Laugh at this tomfoolery... and ask "WHY are you doing this?"

You are all Amazing people..... Keep on Keeping on!


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