Wednesday, June 02, 2010

Back in the saddle

Way back Sleevie wrote a story about Fear... "You have to face your fear.. or it builds" he told the story about rock climbing.

I did some research about PTSD, and the cure is to talk about it, but overall we have to not Reinforce the fear.

Since I received my Hate mail. I keep thinking every woman in the world is going to Freak out at me. I'm hyper sensitive at the moment. Which isn't fair to people I know. This even extends to the Blog and twitter folk.

But the thing Sleevie would advise, is for me to face the fear. So... on my bike ride I decided, I needed to make sure I went on a date this weekend. So, I'll be adding that joy to my schedule over the next few days.

Honestly, I'm in some hypersensitivity to... Not turning my blog into "Days of our lives" So, I hope to avoid writing about it. But if there are funny stories... I won't be able to help myself.

So... Back on the Horse!!! Before I end up ... Scared of every woman I talk to.

This is Honest!

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Nancy said...

You must tell us the funny stories and I have no doubt that there will be be funny stories.