Sunday, June 06, 2010


I am trying to start re-Reading 'Henry and June'.

From the preface:

"My book and my journal step on each other's feet constantly. I can neither divorce nor reconcile them. I play the traitor to both. I am more loyal to my journal, however. I will put pages of my journal into the book but never pages of the book into the journal showing a human faithfulness to the human authenticity of a journal"

It would be great if I could get through it.

I'm becoming more fond of the new season of "Doctor Who" It's a new doctor, new writers, new director.... it's an adjustment. The real problem is my expectations are very high.

It feels like things are easing up, out there in the World. Seems like the blow ups have happened, and it is all about putting things back together.

how did it get from Cold to Hot and sweaty. I'm not sure if I should put the blankets away.... Maybe if I do, it will get cool again.

bla bla bla bla...

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