Tuesday, June 22, 2010

On my wheel

I didn't realize how strong I am. The other day, some guy caught my wheel, not anyone serious. But I was like, Ok Catch my wheel. slowed it down to 17... and he stalled... and hung back 20 feet. Then I waited.... got sick of dogging it, and then just jacked it up to 20+ and he just folded.

Last night I was on a small descent, doing a quick ride. Somebody was stalking me again. I waved them up to my wheel, and they didn't take it. I dogged it, waiting for them. I knew there was a 60 foot climb coming up. I dug in, and pushed it, into the red up the little climb. They didn't even know what hit them. At the top of that little hill, I looked back and they just had nothing. Over the hill and down the road... I didn't even see them again...

I'm not talking myself up but there is some sauce in my legs.

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