Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Stranger in a strange land!

Things have been strange... but the good kind.

Very busy, and with some hard riding... good stuff.

I was telling Nancy this today, I may have freaked her out. I kind of doubt it. I was mentioning how strange things were. I told her that I had an E-mail a week ago....

Let me just set this up. I mentioned to A friend of mine, a female friend, that a woman I knew, was joking, and yet not joking about being tied up. I got one of those raised eyebrows. This is a former Mormon housewife... turned drinker smoker... trouble maker. I teased her, when she showed a shocked reaction. I said "Why? what do you do... Lay there stiff as a board... praying for the orgazum fairy?"

This is 2 months later. In the interum, there has been some much more open talk about sex. Not between us, Seems like she is "Curious". When I was in college, I dropped LSD and said "Police are there to make sure nobody is having more fun than you are." By "curious" I mean she is curious if someone is having better sex than she is, or could be having.

This is the email I got:

Paraphrase "You are a very Naughty boy!... Its ok... I think we can fix it...."

Just hang on one FUCKING MINUTE!... Ok... I get the "Naughty boy" game. But I hate to break it to you.... I'm a God Damn Top..... And don't you fucking Forget that! And the closest I get to that game, is a little Librarian Action!

Second of all, if you don't know the difference between a Top and a Bottom... You best not be playing this game! Least of all... With a TOP!


like I said...... Things are fucking strange!!!

(Note to readers... This post is just a bunch of fun! If you notice, I did not quote my response. The e-mail was a paraphrase. Nancy noted that she was not freaked out!... because... who can freak out Nancy? Right!. The response is what I wish I had said... if I lived in a dream world, and not the Real one. A Dream world where you can talk to people like that. My actual response was basically, "I think you are way off base here, and you may need to back off".... I think I also considered the title "Don't make me get my Top out")

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Nancy said...

I like the new look.

Stop turning on and terrorizing the women. You're a one man storm!