Monday, June 07, 2010

Henry and June

I'm sure I have more to ramble about than Henry and June! but let's start there, see where it leads us.

I remember what I thought about it when I originally read it in college. It was like Soft core Porn, in literary form. Only, I'm not sure... maybe it's hardcore and romance novels are Soft Core. I'm not sure, since i'm not a big Romance Novel reader. But seriously....

I stole this, so I figure I'd give a link to the artist. Awesome, I'm tempted to try and buy one. I suspect they will be a little overpriced... but you never know.

But..Anaïs Nin has a great way with words... I'm very Jealous.

There was a ton of work in the garden today, Things were thrown... words cussed... Work done.
When Did I become a person who "Throws shit"?... Personally, I'm not happy about it, but "it is". I seem to be coming to terms with some things that drive me up the wall! One of which is "If Somebody annoys The Mop enough he will just get angry and do it himself."

My nephew feigned taking a spade to me, I just smiled and laughed!

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