Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Confession time

Some of you have had some updates on the cleaning and organizing going on here at the Bat Cave. It all started when I was talking to a long time friend of mine.

She said "You don't enjoy things do you!"
I said, "I like to ride my bike! Other than that it's all logistics. I toy with having a relationship every once in a while, it goes badly. I decide not to do it for a while(a couple of years). Honestly, I don't have a clue what you are talking about... What is it i'm supposed to enjoy?"

I'm not saying that life is miserable, what I'm asking is "Explain to me where this 'Joy' is."

This was all post "Shit is going to change, or stuff is going to get Broke!(illiteration(I know, not a word) intended). In on going conversations, I asked. "you seem to be very clean and very organized! I don't know how to do that. Do you have any tips."

Well, on it went.....

And the confession is; I seem to not be properly House Broken. Things are not bad. But... what the hell do I know. My blankets get cleaned Yearly. Sheets every month or 2. Dishes Pile up, in the office. Ya, dishes get done every few days. Counters get cleared once a week. I can't remember when my walls were washed. Sure, I'm a cyclist I do laundry daily, if not 3 times a week. But it doesn't get put away...

So, I didn't know how bad all that is.

Now, there is a whole system. Laundry is monday including sheets. Dishes every day, counters always cleared. No dishes in the office. No clothing on the floor. Shoes where they go...
And Every day, I try and give something a good scrub. A wall, an appliance, My desk.... Every day. Also, Any piles are gone through and Shit is thrown out.

and Kindly, Nicely... this woman has decided to help me sort this stuff out.

But I like having a clean bathroom. I like Clean sheets.. I'm a little unnerved that I almost want to sleep on top of them, so as not to soil them. I like having things not dusty. I like the progress of it. Who knows if, when I talk to a woman about Mildew free Tile, if she will think I'm as Queer as one of the guys on that sitcom. Shrug.... things are clean... and I'll get them Cleaner.

What does this have to do with enjoying things? Well, I will tell you what. Not having to worry about tripping on something. Also being able to have someone come over, without worry, about cleaning up first. Or being able to have worked my ass off all day. Jump into my clean bed. To not worry about "All the things I need to do" because i'm cranking them out one at a time, and I have a list... It's kind of re-assuring.

Truth be told, all of this has messed with the Garden, I'm a bit behind. Even though I have been cranking on it, the past few days.

But I think I'm good with it. And I'm not perfect... I'm a Recovering Disgusting Pig! and I think I just got my 2 month Pin.


Nancy said...

Don't get too Felix Unger-like or we'll worry about OCD-like syndrome. On the other if you're looking for me things to clean........

Kelly said...

Wow...I'm impressed!

I always feel a bit giddy after newly scrubed floors...something about walking barefoot without stepping on crumbs from a meal that we ate two days ago...it feels good!