Thursday, June 17, 2010

Epic Tease!

It's the chase.... Not the destination.
The Journey, Not the Arrival.
I'm tearing this roof off. Don't worry in 2 weeks I'll be in full melt down.
Then I will nut up and get it done.
It would be nice if this didn't happen.

I have some fun little games I want to play... I hope some other people want to play too. I'm not sure how to go about them. But I'll get there...

I was reflecting today on ... As Nancy was teasing! Being a one man storm!

I love woman! You have no idea.... Love Love Love.
Every once in a while.... there is some pain... on both sides. I don't like the pain, it's no fun... It's still the same thing, just the other side of the coin. One of my huge fears, and one of the things that Tears me up inside... Is causing it... That isn't what I want. But it's real...

No matter what, there is always love, for everybody.

Word is..... "Life is a Great Opera"...
You can sit and watch.... or you can take part!
I like to amend that phrase, "Life is a Great Melodrama!"

I mean... You have seen it? Exaggerated plot and characters... Super hero's and Super villains... Damsels in distress.

Ya... Epic Tease... Because in Life things are messy.... things are Hard...

Life is a Journey... A Quest... It's the Work.... The Travails that we suffer in the Journey... they make us what we are; The Joys, The Tears, The Laughter, The Friendships. Not the destination.... Not Where we are... But how we got there.

The Journey tell us more about who we are, than the destination ever will. Sure.... you are the CEO of British Petroleum.... but Who are you?

Because... No matter where you go! There you are!

Yep.... I have this roof to pull off!

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