Wednesday, June 02, 2010

Social Networking

30 days sucked, and it also messed with any form of clear intent. Overall, a disaster I think. Live and learn.

I hate the phone, I disliked it before I did support over the phone, and I Hated it after. It's a miserable way to communicate. We Evolved to communicate face to face.

Now we have Email and Texting, and Facebook, and Twitter. They are miserable, and we hide behind them.

I don't mind the blog... Sure I border on Illiterate, but sometimes I can turn a phrase or put a few phrases together, that I feel work. A careful word or phrase can be effective(I wonder if i'll ever be careful).
But you can't communicate properly on these things, and to put your personal relationships in the hands of these... Nightmares.

When I was in my 20's I tried the Internet relationships, it was stupid. The best relationships are ones where you meet someone, find them interesting and build. Yet... we seem to be all reaching out for... Computer Salvation! Maybe there is the off chance that it works.

But it's a disaster. I've seen it time after time, where something is poorly phrased and someone blows it out of proportion or 2 sentences were edited and turned into one.. and it didn't work and we don't understand.

and everything goes sideways!
But I'm getting tempted to boot the facebook account. I'm not sure there is room for it in "The Mop's" life.

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